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Why did I write this book?

Last month I wrote a guest post for my good friend Marcy’s business blog. In it I explained why I authored my book, and I wanted to re-share it here:

Although I was hesitant to do it, I decided to write a book about the events surrounding my sudden cardiac arrest because I was able to see how my testimony impacted other people. It was easy to see how my story could be relevant to people in specific circumstances surrounding death – such as providing comfort to a person who tragically lost a child, parent, or friend. I could tell them how supernaturally protected I was and that I did not experience the fear or anxiety I should have felt in the hours and moments before I flatlined. My story could be a source of peace for patients recently given a terminal diagnosis who might fear their coming death. It was not at all what I expected; it was beautiful, peaceful, and perfect in every way. I was never alone. In my book I am clear about my death experience as being the best blessing I have ever received. If I could have stayed in the place I went during sudden cardiac arrest forever, I would have.

But then, I saw how my story affected other  people in ways I could never have anticipated. Part of the story includes the reality that God had a plan, which was set in motion months before I realized anything was wrong. The plan involved me being uncomfortable and experiencing pain, but ending in a beautiful place with blessings I could not have imagined let alone asked for. I have seen that part of my experience provide hope in situations that I would not expect a medical story to be relevant. For example, a single mom going through a divorce, an employee struggling in a hostile work environment, a lonely friend who felt lost and abandoned, etc.

My testimony is just one of many beautiful real life examples speaking to how valued, loved, and protected we really are. Even when we cannot feel it. I wrote this book because I cannot see who is hurting on the inside and seeking peace, I do not know who needs a little bit of hope to get through the day. God has a way of providing; aligning our lives and allowing things fall into place perfectly. I realized that a story like mine could bless others in ways I could not imagine. So I put it in a book and trust that it will reach the people it is supposed to reach.


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