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Book Signing Benefit for Brandi and Baby Shorter

Tippy’s will host a book signing benefit with local author, Cindy Heigl, on February 25th, 2017 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM. Proceeds from the book signing will go to Brandi Shorter. Brandi is the surviving wife of local firefighter and hero, Michael (Bubba) Shorter, who passed away following a motorcycle accident on January 22, 2017. Brandi was also in the accident and is expecting the couple’s first child. She is recovering from her injuries.

Author Cindy Heigl said of Winamac, “This is a close and caring community. The way residents band together in support during a tragedy like this is amazing and empowering. The acts of compassion and help they give to those in need leaves you speechless. The prayers, encouragement, and love poured out on the Shorter and Briney families speak to the strength of Michael and Brandi’s character. Michael was a devoted husband, a loving son, and an incredible friend who served his community and those in need. He was a perfect match for Brandi. We all know Brandi will be an amazing mother. She will have the love and support of friends and family in the surrounding communities during the years to come.”

Join us at the Brandi Shorter Benefit hosted by Winamac’s favorite pizza and sandwich shop, Tippys. Support Brandi by picking up a “Bubba Pizza” for dinner and buying a signed copy of Cindy’s book, “In a Heartbeat – My Miraculous Experience of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.” Books will be available for $15 at the event. The “Bubba Pizza” is a large pepperoni and cheese pizza. Book and “Bubba Pizza” proceeds will go to Brandi and baby Shorter.

Cindy and Brandi grew up together as neighbors and have remained best of friends. Cindy was a freshman at Winamac Community High School when she was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and received a pacemaker. Fourteen years later her pacemaker wire broke which led to her “Miraculous Experience of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.”

She says, “I found myself admitted to intensive care, in the middle of the night with a broken wire. Because the wire wasn’t working correctly, my heart just stopped beating. I flatlined twice and was in sudden cardiac death for over 4 minutes. I know it sounds scary, but it wasn’t. What I experienced was the most beautiful and comforting peace you could imagine. It’s hard to describe, because words don’t exist to describe what I felt. It was perfect. After I was resuscitated, I was so blessed! Everything that needed to happen over the next few days fell into place perfectly. God protected Jeff and I and we ended being able to go home less than three days after I flatlined. During my recovery I knew I had to share the peace and hope that I experienced. I felt humbly led to put it in a book so anyone and everyone who wanted to, could find comfort through my story.”

Tippy’s is Downtown Winamac’s favorite spot for lunch, dinner, and drinks. With a great menu, Tippy’s is celebrated for their specialty pizzas and sandwiches. Dine in the restaurant, grab a drink at the bar, or enjoy the outdoor seating with family and friends on historic Pearl Street. Whatever the occasion, Tippy’s is always a great option. Locally owned and operated since 2012.


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