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Cindy and Jeff's Wedding
Cindy and Jeff found a turtle while working on the roof

Cindy Heigl was born and raised in rural Northern Indiana.  She was diagnosed with complete heart block and received a pacemaker at the age of 14. Aside from having a pacemaker, Cindy had a healthy active life, running track and cross country through her high school career.

In 2006 Cindy married the man of her dreams, Jeff Heigl. They now live Northwest of Chicago with their dog, Scooter. She is passionate about the outdoors, running, house projects, volunteering, and photography.

Although she enjoys reading, Cindy never had ambitions to become an author.  She published her testimony as the book In A Heartbeat because she felt that was what God had led her to do. The events leading up to and following her sudden cardiac arrest were filled with miracles that were executed with lightning precision. It was as if this experience was something she and Jeff needed to go through. Yet God’s Grace made it as easy on them as it could possibly be. Cindy believes God blessed them with this experience for a purpose, therefore she is excited to humbly and obediently share her story. Her prayer for the book is that it be used as a ministry to reach people seeking hope or comfort.